Often our actions are too habitual, automatic, we lose the awareness of ourselves as we act, perform, conceive.  In this Masterclass we use perceptive games, rhythmical structures and other activities to observe our capacity of integrating our self awareness as a guide for instant creation, recognition and destruction of creative actions.

The sense of the Self is the principle according to which we create our own sense of the real, by collecting hundred of illusions and delusion, deducting temporary truths and moving forward in a free space of changes.

The sense of the Self is, according to physiology, our awareness of our head, neck and back: the so called Primary Control.  Such control is challenged and perceived through motion.


Movement is about feeling the energy of the world around us, first of all gravityAlso, a body in motion keeps us in a state of discovery, of perceptual engagement. 

The Self can support us through change, else, we might be trapped into singular illusions, missing out the constant mutation of the  very essence of real, which is revealed by its polymeric nature.