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In the Masterclass for visual artist and designers, students are guided through a practice that comprises of several perceptive games, we practice rhythmical structures and movement patterns in order to observe our self awareness. Our capacity of integrating perception, thinking and acting  is crucial to any creative process. This capacity I call "Integrated Self".

The sense of the Self is the principle according to which we create our own sense of the real, by collecting hundred of illusions and delusion, deducting temporary truths and moving forward in a free space of changes.

The sense of the Self is, according to physiology, our awareness of our head, neck and back: the so called Primary Control.  Such control is challenged and perceived through motion.


Movement is about feeling the energy of the world around us, first of all gravity, but also we experience the dualism between light and darkness, coldness and warmth, texturing an emotional space as we move. Moreover just reversing thinking: an increase in the motion of the particles of a substance makes the substance feel warmer; a decrease in the motion makes the substance feel colder.

The Self supports our discovery , though the constant mutation of the  very essence of real, which is revealed by its polymeric nature. 

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