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The Integrated Self 


Workshops for DAE Design Academy Eindhoven The Netherlands

First Year 

During The Integrated Self workshop we’ll be training and rehearsing other ways of being in and with our bodies, be it through movement, rest or connection with others. We all are breathing bodies, embodied knowledge, emotional presences. Grounding ourselves we can restore our capacity to live and create in a constructive and positive way, impacting our society with our actions and presence, and creating objects and models based on an ecology of the Self. We will explore movement dynamics, rhythmical patterns, breathing and voice, physical and sensorial games. We will practice some flow sequences and do some mindfulness meditations.


Second Year: 


How to present and discuss one own's project successfully.

Linguistic, visual, audio, gestural, and spatial patterns of meaning acquire a specific sense according to where they are placed in relation to each other, these sign determine a composition. Figures of speech such as metaphors, alliteration, antithesis, create dynamics between the multiple layers of discourse, depth and perspective to what needs to be said.

Rhythm plays a crucial role in creating cohesion and structure in multimodal texts and communicative events that unfold over time. 

A good text design makes it easier for the speaker-performer to deliver it out.

A composition makes it possible to find rest during the performance, to use our energies and resources in the best way.

Awareness of breathing, use of the voice and body language is also essential to present successfully.

Working on these aspects makes the preparation of the presentation a powerful creative moment.

It is about mastering communication.

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