PAMA, Performing Arts Medicine Association, Annual Meeting held at The W. Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY. June 2016.

Congress Title: Make it! Not Break it! Creating the Resilient Performing Artist and Athlete. Conference Title: Ergonomics and Postural Aspects in Accordion Playing. Scheduled, but presentation was cancelled due to personal circumstances.

IADMS, International Association for Dance Medicine and Science, Annual Meeting held in Den Haag, The Netherlands, October 2009.
Poster presentation: The Alexander Technique in relation to dancers’ pain and injury.


IIAS, International Institute for Systems Research and Cybernetics, Baden-Baden, Germany. July 2008. Lecture:The Role of the Observer in the Arts and Sciences.

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. January 2008. Lecture: Dynamic of the Spirit, a semiotic approach to choreography.

Centro Internazionale di Studi Linguistici e Semiotici, Urbino, Italy. September 2008. Congress title: Dance Research and Transmedia Practices.

Conference title: Live dance, Video-dance and Transmedia Practices.

Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy. May, 2006. Congress title: La Performance delle Arti.

Conference title: Improvisation as Instant Composition.



Centro Internazionale di Linguistica e Semiotica di Urbino, Italy. Septemeber 2008. International Congress Dance Research and Transmedia Practices.
Organization by Prof. Nicola Dusi, Kathleen Delaney, Cristina Righi.




C. Jacomucci, K. Delaney. Mastering Accordion Technique. A guide for students and teachers based on the Alexander Technique. (Ed Youcanprint ISBN | 978-88-91108-37-1), March 2013. Translated in Serbian in 2017.

Chapter in books:

K. Delaney. Contemporaneo in Danza in Bruno Marcucci (ed.) CONTEMPORANEO, 99 definizioni. E. Paleani Editore, Cagli, 2006. ISBN 887658150-2

Article in Peer-Reviewed Journal:

K. Delaney. Live Dance, Video Dance and Transmedial Practices in Degrés, REVUE DE SYNTHESE A ORIENTATION SEMIOLOGIQUE, 2009. ASBL Bruxelles - ISSN: 0376-8163

Conference Papers & Presentations (Selection):

N. Dusi, C. Righi, K. Delaney, A. Pontremoli, V. Di Bernardi, S. Rubidge. Il senso della danza. Dance re- search e pratiche transmediali. Centro Internazionale di Studi Linguistici e Semiotici, Urbino. (383-384- 385/F), Semiotica. Atti del Convegno, 2009.

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Online Publications:


K. Delaney, New York for New Dancers, in Mappamondo, eJournal Proartis, Pesaro, Italy, 2004.
K. Delaney, Nouvelle danse francaise, in Mappamondo, eJournal Proartis, Pesaro, Italy, 2004.
K. Delaney, Mirabassi e Guinga, in Mappamondo, eJournal Proartis, Pesaro, Italy, 2004.

Alexander Techniek Centrum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Graduation as Alexander Technique Teacher (1600h course)

July 2009
Field: Education Studies
Focus on Proprioception, Awareness, Sensory Appreciation.

University of Bologna, Italy



Dept. of Visual Arts, Music and Performing Arts
November 2005




Fondazione G. CINI, Venezia, Italy. Residency, October 2015.
Bharata Natyam on the UK Contemporary Dance scene. Practical lab led by Shobana Keyasingh.

Biennale di Venezia, Venezia, Italy. 

Residency in Contemporary Dance, June 2013.
Production of ‘Agorà’ by choreographer and director Virgilio Sieni.
A performance based on the interaction among professional dancers, elderly people and children.


ICK, International Choreographic Arts Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

 November 2011.
Residency in Dance and New Technologies ‘Beyond’.
Sound-Space Interaction (Chris Ziegler - ZKM, Germany)
Multimedia Performance (Prof. Johannes Birringer - Brunel University, UK)
Bharata Natyam (Saskia Kersenboom)

Hangart Pesaro, Italy


Residency for a dance production titled Egos.

With her performance Cool Memories, homage to Jean Baudrillard was among the finalists at the Palio Ermo Colle di Parma in 2009 and Performance Art Award Present / Future at Teatro Libero, Palermo in 2013.