Kathleen gives truly unique Masterclasses on a variety of topics related to music practice, such as postural aspects of playing and their effect on sound production, coordination, breathing efficiency, strategies for studying, avoiding injuries and coping with stress and anxiety.

Through the Alexander Technique and an extremely valuable experience collaborating with composers and musicians, she has developed a program based on rhythmic practice, sensory and proprioceptive games and individual lessons.

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The body awareness course by Prof. Delaney has allowed me to experience the fascinating relationship between music and body, music and movement, imagination, creativity, and improvisation. I was able to experience synesthesia, multi-and inter-sensory experiences in relation to myself and my classmates. Body, rhythm, voice, silence, dance, feelings, fantasy ... everything was integrated into a single set of strength, vitality, energy. Really a memorable, formative, rewarding experience.


Matilde Pirazzini, Jazz dept.

Conservatorio "B. Maderna", Cesena, Italy



Since the first time, I always felt great—during and after lesson.
Kathleen makes me feel at ease and comfortable from the beginning and this allows an easier and more natural understanding of the correct posture.  

I like especially that my body movement directions are read very precisely, so every time I do an unpredicted mistake I always get a clear explanation and I can fix the problem immediately.


Alessandro Ambrosi, Accordion Master Student, 

Royal Danish  Academy of Music in Copenhagen

Americo Salvatori, Courtesy of the Artist