Classes will give you an introduction to the Alexander method, and will highlight all the aspects for which it is highly recommend during pregnancy and postpartum. Thanks this course you will:


• Manage the displacement of the center of gravity and the increase in load on the back in a conscious manner


• Improve digestion & circulation


•.Practice breathing in a way that involve the deep muscles in the perineum area


​The results will turnout in a general sense of lightness and in allowing more space to the baby.


I am glad to be delivering those lessons soon, come and enjoy the benefits of the AT.


Tuesdays 18.45-19.45
Tussen de Bogen, 85
1913JB Amsterdam

Next block starts Jan.21st.


Kathleen Delaney is a certified Alexander Technique teacher.

Since 2009 she has been giving lessons and Masterclasses all over Europe.

She‘s a mother of two, and experienced herself the benefits of the Technique during and after pregnancy.

She holds a MA in Performing Arts and has been dancing professionally and practicing body techniques for more than 20 years.