The Alexander Technique has been demonstrated to be more effective than massage to ease lower-back pain, neck pain, sciatica (BMJ, 2008) and pelvis pain (PGP).


During pregnancy and post-partum it is important to manage the displacement of the center of gravity and the increase in load on the back in a conscious manner, avoiding strain and discomfort.

One question always comes up about the difference between physiotherapy and the AT. While the first cures the symptoms, the AT addresses the causes: by recognising the harmful habits that create the issues, one becomes able to solve them. 

Individual sessions are recommended for those who want to have a full treatment.

Group sessions also display an anatomical approach and pain solving strategies but also keep a general wellbeing program working through gentle stretching, breathing and meditation.

It is possible to practice the technique also for improving the ergonomic sense when breastfeeding, lifting and carrying the baby. Positive effects of the technique are the improvement of digestion, breathing and circulation.




Kathleen Delaney is a certified Alexander Technique teacher.

Since 2009 she has been giving lessons and Masterclasses all over Europe.

She‘s a mother of two, and experienced herself the benefits of the Technique during and after pregnancy.

She holds a MA in Performing Arts and has been dancing professionally and practicing body techniques for more than 20 years.